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May 12, 2009


Jennifer Willis

Thank you for picking up on some interesting aspects of the WP coverage that have gone unnoticed elsewhere.

Just one small correction: the enemy WP report was issued not from CENTCOM, but from Combined Joint Task Force-101, the ISAF headquarters for Regional Command-East, which covers most of eastern Afghanistan.

I'm the Deputy Director for Public Affairs there. I worked with our CJ2 and FDO to assemble and declassify the evidence of enemy WP misuse. The report is a real eye-opener. Email me if you'd like a copy; it's public release.

And don't forget Jason Straziuso at AP-Kabul, who deserves credit for breaking the story in a fair and dispassionate way.

Kind regards,
Maj. Jenny Willis
Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan

Michael Waller

Thanks for the comment and the clarification, Maj. Willis. You did a great job. I talked about your good work yesterday at the four-star level, to illustrate a great example of some fast public affairs work, and apparently they'd already been discussing it on high. I'm using it as a case study of "how to do it right" in one of my courses. Keep up the fine work.

Thanks, too, for pointing out Jason Straziuso of AP in Kabul. A lot of journalists try very hard to be real reporters, and they deserve recognition.

Maj. Jenny Willis

Thank you, Mr. Waller, that's very kind.

You might be interested to know that the WP report was being discussed with great concern on at least one militant website, which indicates we've struck them close to the bone.


Professor Waller,

Excellent job! Your skills at dissecting the media and its incredulous reporting about the military are razor sharp. Thank you. I have included your points in my more amateur take on the situation, please feel free to visit. I hope to be linking to you more in the future.


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