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February 27, 2009




David Phinney

Wow. This blog item strikes me as a total misrepresentation of the events for reasons I am unaware of. I would be happy to discuss this at your convenience if you would like.

All the best,

Adam C.

Very intense, and quite hilarious. And Phinney left you a comment...awesome.


I wish I had seen this before, but I am still going to make it go viral. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read. Oh, and Phinney: GFY.


Great post and funny as hell! BTW. Mr. Penis, er, I mean, Mr. Phinney has SANITIZED his blogs to remove the 29 December 2008 calling our military "Alpha Hotels".

To Mr. Phinney:

Echo Sierra Alpha Delta.
(Eat shit and die)

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