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December 10, 2007



It's unfortunate that you confuse a knee-jerk acceptance of U.S. actions in Iraq with being "anti-American." This VOA employee was, in fact, demonstrating one of the things that makes America great: its ability to tolerate and accept free speech as a fundamental right of all free people. This VOA employee might even support the ideals of the United States but may object to the way the Bush administration has pursued them. Her objections to the kind of "democracy" the U.S. has pushed on Iraq seem to me to be extremely reasonable and logical. You present this as a war of ideas, but it is challenging to accept that the U.S. has anything like democracy in mind, if the end results of our worldwide efforts are governments like the one we've installed in Iraq, or supported in Pakistan, or the elections whose result we objected to in the Palestinian Territories.

Tragically, although I suspect we both share the same sense of idealism about what makes the idea of America great, I feel that the policies you espouse, through their inherent injustice, push the people of the world ever farther away from those ideals.


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"...have such individuals on the payroll to wage the war of ideas against Islamist extremism."

What do you mean by this? Are you implying that VOA/Abjeez are Islamist extremists? Because if you are, you my friend are assuming that every Iranian is a Muslim, and therefore an extremist. Hopefully I just misread that line.


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In response to RHG, lecturing us about the freedom of speech, I should say that, my friend, there's a limit in it, when it comes to issues of national security. In other words, would you advocate broadcasting stuff that the Iranian terrorist regime is spreading on their TV, Satellite, and media? I should also add that nobody says that what this administration has done is benefiting the America's interests, or in no way is peaceful, but those of you who keep bashing Bush, or other US policies in regards to countries such as Pakistan, remember, you're siding with a regime which has committed countless atrocities and murders in Iran, and is trying to spread their disease to the whole region. I know, because I come from that country, and mind you, I love Iran, and don't advocate starting another war. At the same time, I can't stand people who are using American taxpayers' money to spread Islmist regime's agenda, at the VOA. VOA should give a chance and a voice to those Iranians who are struggling for democracy and freedom in their homeland instead. Right now the interests of the whole world, including the US, Europe and the Iranian people rests on changing this bloody regime.


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i live in iran so i have no information even about my country most web sites are filtered by goverment.


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John Carter

I've seen Abjeez's videos and they're really good...it's actually too bad that not many people from other countries come and watch his vids but I guess this is mostly because they never heard of Abjeez...


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The VOA lost this case against this employee. Also they were using their power to do something illigal and all that with our tax money. We have to be more careful about who we listen to and trust, even our own media.

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