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September 20, 2007


Brian S, Phoenix AZ

Blackwater is on its way out. The State Dept. has already made it clear it's not going to renew BW's contract, which expires in May, and BW has indicated it will go quietly. (Incidentally, State, not BW, will end up paying an indemnity to the survivors of the Baghdad shoot-em-up -- substantial, but much less than the amount demanded.)

Of course, the real significance is that what Nuri & Co. can say about Blackwater today, they can say about the US military tomorrow. The Shiite politicians we put in power are just politely reminding our ever-forgetful Administration who HAS the power. (No more foolish prattle about "benchmarks" or "reforms" will be heard from Dubya or Condi.)

Brian S, Phoenix AZ

The blogger's point no. 3:
"Political warfare pays: Foreign crooks and terrorists need only turn up the political heat on Washington to remove effective elements of the war effort from the fight."

Well, Duh. Bush & Rumsfeld both said, over 4 years ago, that if the Iraqi government asked us to leave, we'd leave. After that, we made the Shiite politicians who returned from exile in Iran into the Iraqi government, and ever since they've been trying to decide whether/when to tell us to leave.

Whether they're crooks and terrorists or great statesmen, a little political action by these great men will definitely remove all our "effective elements." We've already promised that. It's just that, 'till lately, we've been very useful as their surrogates in subjugating the Sunni Iraqis.

And anyway, didn't anyone ever explain to you that war is just politics by other means? All warfare is political.

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