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July 24, 2007


Sami Abdallah

Dr Waller, you are missing the point here. You are trying to convince some Muslims that Bin Laden is not the right Jihadist, but that he is a "Terrorist." (Which in Arabic is Irhabi). That's exactly the Saudi position today. The Wahabis wants to save Jihad as a valid concept in warfare and you are helping them. That's what Walid Phares is trying to tell you. If you wish to split Muslims (and I am one), you don't need to validate Jihad so that they fight as to who is a better Jihadist. By doing so, you are saving Jihadism and stretching the conflict for generations. And in addition you are (with Guirard) blurring the vision of Americans and the US Defense. You write: "We argue that the US should split the "jihadist" movement by taking the narrative away from al Qaeda, Palestinian extremists, and Ahmadinejad, and empowering Muslims who lack the inclination or will to make war on us." Dr Waller, you fell in the Wahabi trap. Because as an infidel, you aren't going to convince anyone among Muslims about Hiraba. That has to come from Muftis and Imams. As a Christian, your words in Muslim theology do not have any meaning. You are trying to convince the US military that indeed by saying words, they will win the war. This is a disservice to the US, its allies and the Muslims who are against the Jihadi ideology.

R Hampton

Anyone who doubts the catastrophic influence of Saudi-funded Wahhabism simply hasn't been paying attention. That's where my blog, Wahaudi, bridges the information gap. I track stories from across the globe as they pertain to Saudi Arabia and Wahahbism on a daily basis -- over 400 posts in just 4 months.


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